Dave Ellis, RD, CSCS is the President of Sports Alliance Inc. and creator of the Fueling Tactics® system.  Dave's three step Fueling Tactics® system is simply the widest used and copied fueling system in sports and one could argue that Dave is simply the most prolific influencer in the world of sports nutrition!  With over thirty years of work and counting in the trenches of big time athletics, few can measure up when it comes to the variety of exposures of Dave's career.  It's why Dave's credibility routinely puts him in front of teams that are exclusively reserved forums for head coaches to message.  Dave is recognized as an innovator for his training table designs and approach to body composition and frame assessment of athletes.  A dedicated educator, Dave speaks and blogs non-stop annually to help Sports RDs (registered dietitians) stay ahead of the curve on hot topics like adulteration that could result in a positive doping test for drug tested athletes.  It's why Dave's vision for the field of Sports Dietetics is valued by Sports RDs who elected him the first President of the Collegiate and Professional Sports Dietitians Assn. (www.sportsrd.org) and why he continues to play a strong advocacy role for the welfare of athletes that only appropriate fueling can deliver!  Some look at experienced health professionals from the field of sports with dual credentialing in nutrition and exercise as "high performance" coaches, but Dave prefers to stay focused on the massive topics that are pertinent to the applied fields of adaptation, fueling and body composition.