News of Possible Interest Digest: 2015

I track the health wire daily which I post real-time on my social media.  I probably do my best social media post on my Facebook.,  There were some of the more memorable stories of 2015 when I looked back.

"Now there are no (NCAA) rules that limit feeding, just the operational void that the former rules left behind. It's why the jump in the most recent budgetary numbers looks so drastic, but they have a lot of a lost time to make up for when it comes to fueling these student-athletes. We can't pay them, but we sure should be feeding them and there are few excuses that I would accept for not trying!"

NYT: CPSDA Advocating For Athletes! #fuelingtactics

NCAA schools put money where athletes' mouths are  #fuelingtactics

Sports RDs getting the financial support to fuel athletes with real food post NCAA feeding rule deregulation! Watch for NYT story.... #fuelingtactics

Coke pulls plug on several sponsorship relationships including $1.7 million to the country’s largest organization of dietitians, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. #fuelingtactics

Mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI) & pituitary abnormalities in military personnel. #fuelingtactics

UCLA: High-fructose diet hampers recovery from traumatic brain injury. #fuelingtactics

Study: 87 of 91 deceased NFL players tested positive for CTE #fuelingtactics

The problem started long before they played in the NFL... #fuelingtactics

Girls at Higher Risk for Overuse Injuries in High School Sports #fuelingtactics

High Academic Stress Linked to Increased Illness, Injuries Among College Football Players. #fuelingtactics

Maybe this explains why people that travel and work with teams are grumpy vulnerable! #fuelingtactics

Bedtime Texting May Be Hazardous to Teens' Health #fuelingtactics

Poor sleep should be considered a risk factor for CVD along with smoking, lack of exercise and poor diet! #fuelingtactics

Pac-12 study shows athletes lacking sufficient sleep to study

Expert panel recommends new sleep durations

Short Sleepers Are Four Times More Likely to Catch a Cold #fuelingtactics

Sleep loss impedes decision making in crisis. #Fuelingtactics

Sleep hygiene, recovery and performance. #fuelingtactics

Light-regulated translational control of circadian behavior (why late night screen time is a negative)

 Prospective Relationship Between Poor Sleep and Substance-Related Problems in a National Sample of Adolescents

College football linemen face greater risk of heart problems. #fuelingtactics

Southern-style diet pattern increases heart disease risk (plant-based pattern protective). #fuelingtactics

One junk food snack triggers signals of metabolic disease! #fuelingtactics

The more impulsive you are, the more likely it is you’ll binge eat when experiencing negative feelings. #fuelingtactics

Midlife high blood pressure may negatively impact the brain years later #fuelingtactics

Lowering the dietary SFA/MUFA resulted in lower proinflammatory cytokines and redox-sensitive genes. #fuelingtactics

Gut Health/ Gut-Brain-Axis
Link between intestinal bacteria, depression found. #fuelingtatics

Fermented foods that contain probiotics may serve as a low-risk intervention for reducing social anxiety. #fuelingtactics

Understanding and manipulating human microbiomes could be key to managing physical and mental health. #fuelingtactics

Gut-Brain-Axis: Intake of probiotics may help reduce negative thoughts associated with sad mood.

High-level adherence to a Mediterranean diet beneficially impacts the gut microbiota and associated metabolome #fuelingtactics

Gut bacteria population, diversity linked to anorexia nervosa (gut-brain axis). #fuelingtactics

Your stomach bacteria determines which diet is best for weight reduction. #fuelingtactics

Gut Health Is About Dietary Diversity vs. Elimination Diets! #fuelingtactics

Fat, sugar cause bacterial changes that may relate to loss of cognitive function #fuelingtactics

Probiotic for bacon eaters (AGE metabolism) #fuelingtactics

Gut Barrier/Allergy
Gut barrier function and tight junction proteins with heat and exercise. #fuelingtactics

Leaky fly guts.... #fuelingtactics

 Extreme exercise can cause intestinal bacteria to leak into the bloodstream. #fuelingtactics

Saturated Fat from Palm Oil & Gut Barrier vs. PUFA and MUFA #fuelingtactics

$8.8 Bn US Gluten Free Sales of Which 86% Maybe Unnecessary. #fuelingtactics

High Performance

You can't work on a High Performance Team without a growth mindset! #fuelingtactics

Forget about perfection; focus on progression, and compound the improvements. #fuelingtactics

MLB Players Improving Vision and Processing Speed w/ Pigments From Paprika! #fuelingtactics

Influence of Dehydration on Intermittent Sprint Performance. #fuelingtactics

Hypohydration during exercise in the heat impairs neuromuscular control. These findings suggest that physical activity in the heat while dehydrated may affect parameters associated with a higher risk of injury. #fuelingtactics

Nutrient-Centrism vs. Whole-Food Centrism & Chronic Disease Prevention #fuelingtactics

More than one-third of Division I college athletes may have low vitamin D levels

Vitamin D Profile in National Football League Players

Vit. D can block the action of enzyme which is needed to make the "stress hormone" cortisol! #fuelingtactics

Higher vitamin D doses may be needed to restore healthy levels in overweight African Americans. #fuelingtactics

Omega-3 fatty acids supplementation improves endothelial function and maximal oxygen uptake in endurance-trained athletes. #fuelingtactics

Olive oil polyphenols decreased plasma LDL concentrations and LDL atherogenicity in healthy young men. #fuelingtactics

Mediterranean diet cuts heart disease risk by nearly half

Mediterranean Eating Habits Prove Good for the Brain. #fuelingtactics

Polyphenol-rich foods like tea, apples and cocoa and reduced risks of chronic diseases.

Consuming chocolate and suggests a potential attention-enhancing effect (mid afternoon maybe) #Fuelingtactics

Drinking a glass of red wine (but not white wine) every day appeared to improve cardiac health and cholesterol management. But both red and white wine seemed to improve glucose control in some patients. #fuelingtactics

Meal Patterns
Increased meal frequency attenuates fat-free mass losses and some markers of health status with a portion-controlled weight loss diet

During calorie restriction, protein distribution over the day and resistance training will help you spare muscle!

Breakfast omission may impair exercise performance later that day, even after consuming lunch. #Fuelingtactics

The Science of Satiety and Why Excess Body Fat Screws It All Up! #fuelingtactics

Minimal and optimal levels of dietary protein. #fuelingtactics

Protein Ingestion before Sleep Increases Muscle Mass and Strength Gains. #fuelingtactics

Part of maintaining muscle strength while we age is AMPK which activates autophagy! #fuelingtactics

The role of protein in weight loss and maintenance. #fuelingtactics

The Skeletal Muscle Anabolic Response to Plant- versus Animal-Based Protein Consumption (blends work). #fuelingtactics

Complex vs. Compound Resistance Training Programs & Hypertrophy, Strength & Power Outcomes. #fuelingtactics

New Study Explains Why You Bulk Up with Resistance Training, Not Endurance Training #fuelingtactics

Aging Muscle + Resistance Training + n-6/n-3 ratio < 2 = Buffed Granny #fuelingactics

Blunted hypertrophy in aged skeletal muscle is associated with decreased ribosome biogenesis. #fuelingtactics

Muscle Strength Fades After Just Two Weeks of Inactivity. #fuelingtactics

Old muscle, green tomatoes and apples... fighting sarcopenia! #fuelingtactics

How vitamin E keeps muscles healthy. #Fuelingtactics

North American ginseng protects against muscle damage and reduces neutrophil infiltration after an acute bout of downhill running

Recovery facilitation with Montmorency cherries following high-intensity, exercise

Vit. D - 25(OH)D3 and Muscle (chicken breast)

Fish oil–derived n–3 PUFA therapy increases muscle mass and function in healthy older adults #Fuelingtactics

Aging muscle needs good vascular function to take advantage of nutrients to spare muscle (exercise and beet powder)!

Exercise/Metabolic/Brain Health
Lack of Exercise More Deadly Than Obesity, Study Suggests

High intensity intermittent exercise improves cardiac fx and reduces liver fat in patients with type 2 diabetes. #fuelingtactics

Obesity Trait Genes - Exercise and Diet a Must To Mobilize Fat! #Fuelingtactics

Whole-body fat oxidation increases more by prior exercise than overnight fasting. #fuelingtactics

Higher Intensity Interval Training & Cognitive Health (brain-derived neurotrophic factor). #fuelingtactics

Interval Training & Brain Health #fuelingtactics

The math vs. reality when it comes to what athletes actually consume!

Endurance Athletes Training Low (CHO) Post Workout & 24 Hr. Glycogen Recovery #Fuelingtactics

Review of Preoperative Carbohydrate Loading #fuelingtactics

Connective Tissue
Stiffer tendons with age set the stage for injury.

Extracellular superoxide dismutase (ECSOD) plays an important role in protecting cartilage from damage caused by mechanical loading.

 A ratio of n-6/n-3 PUFA of 1:1 showed the strongest inhibitory effect on osteoarthritis marker. #fuelingtactics

Effect of Organic Diet Intervention on Pesticide Exposures in Young Children #fuelingtactics

Society to Release Comprehensive Statement on Endocrine-disrupting Chemicals, #fuelingtactic

Endocrine Disruptors and Allergies #Fuelingtactics


A label can tell you a lot about how fruits and vegetables were grown, pesticides exposures. #fuelingtactics

Effects of Caffeine Compared to Coffee during Endurance Exercise

The Effects of Pre-Exercise Caffeinated-Coffee Ingestion on Endurance Performance #fuelingtactics

Just One Energy Drink Sends Young Adults' Stress Hormone Levels Soaring! #fuelingtactics

Acute Stress Increases Voluntary Consumption of Alcohol in Undergraduates

Energy drink consumption is associated with unhealthy dietary behaviors among college youth.

Beer Is Less Harmful for the Liver than Plain Ethanol #fuelingtactics

NCAA Considering Making Testing For Weed School's Responsibility. #‎fuelingtactics